I've been playing the piano more than usual lately, with the purpose of enhancing my talents at playing the piano, as opposed to merely composing -- in particular I've been trying to increase my skill at real-time composition at the piano, better known as "Improv" or "Improvisation".

The video here should be an example of this:
Piano Improvisation

In addition to this form of experiments, I'm going to be submitting a lot of the stuff that I haven't previously submit due to the experimental nature of the genres, approaches and quality.
All of these songs will eventually be found on another profile:
So head over there and take a peek.
(Also, thanks for the early acceptance of the account Audiomods)

I've been rather lacking at submitting as always, but now that I finally did --- it seems to have gotten extra exposure from the front page, so again - thank you Audiomods : )

--Christian S.

The time of the year...

2009-08-04 16:23:14 by Arbiter

Well, as established last year - I only submit in the summer.
In that tradition, it seemed like it was time for me to do some submitting.
And this time, the choice fell on the driving epic loop "The Journey".
The piece puts emphasis on the driving percussionate works as well as heavy bass with string-backing. It runs about 1:24 secs before looping. /256426

So yeah - comment, review, vote and hate it!


The yearly dose of songs?

2008-07-03 03:33:20 by Arbiter

It appears that time has yet come for me to submit my tunes of somewhat discussable diversity and quality, it has been almost a year since my last submitted song, and two years since my second last.
This appears to me as a sign of me either being a rather lazy composer, a reserved composer who will not share everything he creates, or simply put: a summer composer.

This time around I've submitted the pieces
"Memories of War"

Which is a war-theme meant to be driving and yet not fast-paced.
Usage of full orchestral ensemble.
"Passing of Rites"
Which is a more string-based emotional song, merely meant to show diversity as an artist sat in contrast with my other pieces being more focused on war-themes and such.

Submission - CastleCrashers

2007-08-04 13:17:40 by Arbiter

I've now, after about a year finally finished up a loop for
It's submitted to fit for the MAC7 - June/August Theme, Castlecrashers.
It marks my return to Newgrounds, and hopefully I will be able to submit other songs/loops in a shorter interval this time.

Good day!

Update: It appears I got the second place in the CC-Contest, winning me 200$, a shirt and some stickers, awesome!

Submission - CastleCrashers