Entry #4

Improvisation, experiments, other.

2010-08-17 03:34:15 by Arbiter

I've been playing the piano more than usual lately, with the purpose of enhancing my talents at playing the piano, as opposed to merely composing -- in particular I've been trying to increase my skill at real-time composition at the piano, better known as "Improv" or "Improvisation".

The video here should be an example of this:
Piano Improvisation

In addition to this form of experiments, I'm going to be submitting a lot of the stuff that I haven't previously submit due to the experimental nature of the genres, approaches and quality.
All of these songs will eventually be found on another profile:
So head over there and take a peek.
(Also, thanks for the early acceptance of the account Audiomods)

I've been rather lacking at submitting as always, but now that I finally did --- it seems to have gotten extra exposure from the front page, so again - thank you Audiomods : )

--Christian S.


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