The yearly dose of songs?

2008-07-03 03:33:20 by Arbiter

It appears that time has yet come for me to submit my tunes of somewhat discussable diversity and quality, it has been almost a year since my last submitted song, and two years since my second last.
This appears to me as a sign of me either being a rather lazy composer, a reserved composer who will not share everything he creates, or simply put: a summer composer.

This time around I've submitted the pieces
"Memories of War"

Which is a war-theme meant to be driving and yet not fast-paced.
Usage of full orchestral ensemble.
"Passing of Rites"
Which is a more string-based emotional song, merely meant to show diversity as an artist sat in contrast with my other pieces being more focused on war-themes and such.


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2008-07-03 18:46:30

Lol, summer composer.


2008-07-05 21:24:42

Yo Sup Arbiter Hows Da Cheif Dawg x3

Arbiter responds:

You tell me!


2008-08-05 19:49:54

Hey Arbiter I was wondering what program do you use to create your songs just out of curiosity Dude


2008-08-16 23:57:07

Sweet songs keep up the great work!