Entry #1

Submission - CastleCrashers

2007-08-04 13:17:40 by Arbiter

I've now, after about a year finally finished up a loop for Newgrounds.com.
It's submitted to fit for the MAC7 - June/August Theme, Castlecrashers.
It marks my return to Newgrounds, and hopefully I will be able to submit other songs/loops in a shorter interval this time.

Good day!

Update: It appears I got the second place in the CC-Contest, winning me 200$, a shirt and some stickers, awesome!

Submission - CastleCrashers


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2007-08-04 13:25:05

Yo! Good to see you're submittig again, good song too, as always! Good luck in the contest!

Var i norge bor du?

Arbiter responds:

Thanks! I apprieciate the feedback.
I live close to Aalesund, in Møre and Romsdal.


2007-08-04 13:49:40

Damn straight! Welcome back Arbiter! Hopefully the muses will stick around longer in your head this time around eh?

Arbiter responds:

Why? :O
I believed 4 songs a year would be just jolly.


2007-08-07 21:19:46

Hey, It was about time you came back! And goddamn, i heard your submission. I could clearly see it on the title screen of the game!

Best of luck for the contest!

Arbiter responds:

Thanks! Really apprieciate that good sir Deflektor.
Likewise, good luck in the contest : O



2007-09-11 11:30:27

Yay, you're back! I've always liked your songs!

Arbiter responds:

Yay! Thanks ^^


2007-10-10 11:02:25

Hey! :D


2007-11-21 13:46:49

Hmmm... level 2 noob lol.

Realizing my old retardedness is incredibly painful.

Arbiter responds:

Technically I'm a level three noob now.
Don't worry about it though, I don't harbor hatred for ye.


2007-11-23 17:17:57

Yeah, alright then. Have it your way :P

And I sorta found out how you're the mature kind of guy, so I didn't worry much either


2007-12-28 18:28:22

yer i love ur stuf any way this is probely dum but what game is that pic from and if its from ng

Arbiter responds:

It's from "CastleCrashers" which is a console game created by The Behemoth.


2008-02-23 13:28:01

Hey, it's the Arbiter! XD


2008-03-17 18:38:49

Hey dude, i used you song for a video i had to do in my class (castle crashers promotional video) i should've told you earlier but i forgot, plus i had to come up with the whole thing in a week, i do mention you in the "about this video" thing

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QyCH6 tM_L8