The time of the year...

2009-08-04 16:23:14 by Arbiter

Well, as established last year - I only submit in the summer.
In that tradition, it seemed like it was time for me to do some submitting.
And this time, the choice fell on the driving epic loop "The Journey".
The piece puts emphasis on the driving percussionate works as well as heavy bass with string-backing. It runs about 1:24 secs before looping. /256426

So yeah - comment, review, vote and hate it!



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2009-08-19 18:00:23

Hey man, i added you to my favorite artists, and the song as well.

You have some serious talent man, I hope you have plans for any games or something to put your music in.

Arbiter responds:

Thanks man, really apprieciated - and as far as games go, I really don't have any deals going on right now.
Just waiting for that magic email telling me they need me.