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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I laughed when you sent me this in the first place, and I laughed even more this time.
Great blending of style, graphics and sound.
Great Jeff ;)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


I've taken on the task to create a song for this flash.
I've gained some ideas from it
Really nice flash movie, (First Flash Review).
Hope you'll like my song when it's done.

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JohnnyUtah responds:

I can't wait ya son of a bitch.

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action WIP action WIP

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

A fairly decent submission.

This is quite frankly a very unbalanced song - in terms of volume.
It seems you've either doubled your notes at 0:16-0:26, or you have the worst live-production I've heard in quite a while.
Either way, it doesn't really strike me as a good way of creating dynamics.
In addition, there's a clear lack of instrumentation - as you only have the one synth and some perc.
What I would do to it is to add depth by adding more instruments, let's say - a bass melody and a lead -- in addition, I'd perhaps modulate (change scales mid-song) for more versatility.

You also might want to create a more driving feel - by adding more percussion that plays basically at every beat - but in varied velocity - so that you can mark the places you want emphasized using the velocity changes.

Send me a message or something if you have any questions, or hatemail - if you thoroughly disagree : )

-Christian Sandviknes

Deshiel responds:

Thanks that would be awesome :)

Rucklo - Geometric Distortion Rucklo - Geometric Distortion

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Low-fi music...

Does seem to be rather fitting.

I'm not going to even begin complaining about the production values of this tune, as this is all intentional limitations to focus more upon the other aspects of the song.

Compositionally, this is a pretty decent and driving piece of music - which did capture my interest significantly enough for me to leave a review.
I must also say that I'm a fan of the smooth use of adding/removing instruments towards the beginning and end to create a perfect looping-cycle.

I'd really enjoy hearing you making a remake of this song, with high-end instrumentation, because as much as I like chiptune, or well "similar" concepts, I did honestly enjoy your melodic structure in this song.

Anyways, thought I'd try and get a bit back in the game and I figured that since you were among the first to review my newest tune -- I'd return the favor.
Always a pleasure listening to the diversity and general variety of the styles you compose in, Rucklo.

8/10 and 5/5 - whereas the vote is for obvious reasoning.

--Christian S.

The Pirate Adventure The Pirate Adventure

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I don't see why this piece has so little...


I'm giving this piece a review specifically because noone else has.

From all that I can hear you are currently using the Roland Edirol orchestra package, which I myself have quite some experience with.
There are a few key details I like, and another few I dislike about this musical piece in it's entirety.

To bring out the positive, there's alot of diversity and you are not bound by the time signature due to the lack of percussionate work in the song, until the end.
I'll assume it's in 3/4 or some timesignature much like it, which is very usual in this sort of music (ie: Pirates of the carribean).

The diversity between the themes are always a positive side, especially since you didn't stray too much from the initial feeling of the song.

I like this song, but the way it is presented is not among my favorites.
The production-level of the song isn't as high as I would like - but this is mostly because of the sample-package you are using.
The spiccato strings doesn't really sound like strings, because of the breathy tone in them - in addition they sound very muddy sound-wise.

In addition, the percussion was a tad too simplistic for my taste, but at the end it did conjure quite the imagery, which must be considered a positive thing.

From here, if I were you I'd start downloading a ton of free drum and percussion samples, and start messing around with them. The edirol percussion kit is rather bad, and even though it's simple to use in most settings - you shouldn't be defined by the samples you use, but by the talent you have.

As such, I suggest you try to broaden your sample libraries so that you remove some of the initial limits set by only using one sample package.

Please, I mean no offense by anything written here -- I am merely attempting to help steer you in the direction you yourself wish to take.

--Christian S.

CaptinEpic responds:

Wow thanks, i will look for some good drum samples. I appreciate your review arbiter.